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To inspire and support collaboration among community partners to leverage resources and better serve Central Illinois learners and educators

Since 2006, under the initial leadership of Dr. Diane Wolfe and the Regional Office of Education 17, the Central Illinois Community Educators (CICE) has existed as a loose but loyal coalition of community partners with the common interests of supporting schools, students, and their families, and sharing best practices with and within the informal education sector. Over the years, CICE membership has fluctuated to meet the needs of the group and the communities it serves. Since 2017, CICE membership has included representatives from all forms of community education from museums, zoos/nature centers, art galleries, and cultural sites, to public libraries, after school programs, human service organizations, and more. Today, almost 80 individual educators representing more than 50 local educational institutions are invited to attend quarterly meetings and utilize the network for sharing out and soliciting relevant information. The themes of these quarterly meetings span the scope of topics including DEAI, marketing, youth development, behavioral health, census data and the human services sector, community collaboration/partnerships, and pandemic response. Hannah Johnson, Director of Youth & Family Education at the McLean County Museum of History in Bloomington, IL, has facilitated CICE communication and collaboration among group members and host sites since 2017. She continues to aid in the coordination of monthly meetings among core members as an extension of the group’s initial COVID response. Are you an organization interested in attending a future meeting? Or an educator interested in connecting with the resources CICE has to offer? Email to connect today!

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